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A working watermill and more in the heart of Lyme Regis ...

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Just minutes from the seafront and high street but reaching back 700 years in time, The Town Mill is a must for visitors.

Nestling around a cobbled courtyard, the restored mill buildings house a working flour mill, as well as art galleries, with a café, a silversmith, a seamstress, a pottery with two wonderful potters working in its fug of heat and clay, a stonemason, a bakery & deli and a micro-brewery .....

This ancient watermill, set in the artisan quarter of Lyme Regis, was rescued from dereliction by local volunteers, through a ten-year restoration project. Today, the story of The Town Mill is recounted by volunteer millers and illustrates the history of England and its people.

"Exciting for the family and a lot to do. Staff were so friendly – wonderful." Visitor

"The miller made a wonderful job of making the history of The Town Mill come alive!" Visitor