Become a volunteer

We rely on volunteers to keep this imaginative enterprise running and to help it grow. We welcome all help, great or little. Full training is given and you choose when you want to work.

How can I help?

Volunteer millers, guides and gardeners as well as help with fund raising or event organising are all roles we seek to fill. So if you want to grind flour, or are interested in history, or enjoy meeting people, or love working in a great atmosphere then come and join us!

Want to help? Call 01297 444042 or email by clicking on the large red arrow. Or why not try us out first – take a tour of The Town Mill and speak to our volunteers directly.

A day in the life of a volunteer...

"I've been milling at Lyme for three years and still get a great buzz out of it. I particularly enjoy Saturday mornings. I'm always way too early but it's good to get in, collect the grain, turn the water on and set everything up at a leisurely pace, before putting the kettle on, casting a quick glance at my notes before the first visitors arrive. My self-styled 'idiot boards' remain in the apron pocket for the duration of my session. I have never once referred to them but need them at hand so that I can confidently ignore them.

Some of the most intriguing questions come from children, not least because of their spontaneity and unpredictability. 'What's that hook for up there?' caught me out once. I couldn't recall that I'd ever seen it before and could only hazard the wildest guess. 'What if the miller didn't have a daughter?' came in response to my story about the 'Damsel'." Miller Marie

"It's like being in charge of a huge Meccano set with only 14 moving parts."
Miller Dave

"Two hours of running up and down stairs is quite a work-out and much more fun than the gym."
Miller Marie

"It's a lot of fun!"

"I learn new skills – and new snippets of information – on every visit. It's learning by doing and there's always something to do."
Miller Brian

"The Town Mill acts as a focal point for exchanging ideas and experience with like-minded people."

"I'm inspired by visitors' questions and enjoy answering them."
Miller Martin

"For me, it's the pleasure of passing on the old tales and meeting such interesting people."

What the mill offers you

become-a-volunteerVolunteering at the Town Mill is enjoyable and rewarding. You'll find our volunteers are enthusiastic, generous and friendly.

No tangible recognition of your work can begin to match the value of your essential contribution to the success of The Town Mill but we are able to offer each volunteer the following benefits for you and your immediate family:

  • free entry to The Town Mill
  • invitations to previews of all art exhibitions
  • regular newsletters to help you keep in touch
  • opportunities for social get-togethers of mill volunteers and supporters.